Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh Brother, I Won Sewing Machine Lights!

So in addition to making quilts for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, donating quilts to others in need, I love reading blogs, joining giveaways and doing my best to pay it forward!

My main living room where I do all my quilting at this time, has no main source of light at night.  Who thought of this beautiful room and didn't think to add a ceiling fan or overhead light is beyond me.

So I use an Ott lite which was donated to me years back by Ott and when they blessed another reader on my blog in a giveaway and it is good, but I need more lighting as by night time my eyes are weary.

So when I joined the Confessions of a Quilt Addicts
Hands to Help Quilting giveaway where we give quilts and don't receive them, I was also entered into a drawing to win some very cool LED lights to fit my sewing machine.

The giveaway was sponsored by Inspired LED and I won and as much as my machine has been working, they will come in handy!

I can't wait to see how they work! Check out the pictures over at Confessions by clicking here:

I can't post a picture because that would be infringing on her blog and I wouldn't want to do that, but she is amazing and so is her post!


  1. Post a picture. They sound interesting

  2. Good for you! How nice that you get something to help you, as you help so many others. Patty

  3. Feel free to use any of our photos :) We hope you are enjoying the lights! Our blogger friends are amazing for helping us develop this amazing product!
    -Caitlin, Inspired LED


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