Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Anonymous Thank You

This was in my in-box this morning and just made tears roll down my face.  While it is almost impossible to penetrate the tough exterior of law enforcement, search and rescue, 911 operators, I can tell you we are like a Rolo...hard on the surface and soft and gooey in the middle.

'I worked in law enforcement for 15 yrs. This would have made such a difference. I am now retired, but am still a member of the law enforcement community. If I see a need on your blog I will send something if I can. I have a passion to provide quilts to people actively serving or Veterans of the military. It is not part of Quilts of Valor, Wounded Warriors, Quilts of Honor; but I am responsible for an area in the U.S. Most of my time quilting is with that project; but if I can help you out I will! Thank you for what you are doing!'

Quilters do make a difference. This isn't about me, me, me or me, myself and I, it is about all of us working together to reach out to those we wouldn't be able to help if we didn't know they existed.

For this thank you is to all of you, from someone who just wanted to say thanks and for that, I pass it on, take a bow and tip my hat and from my heart say you each mean so much to me but more you mean so much to the person that will receive these quilts! 


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