Friday, October 18, 2013

Needing Everyone's Help To Reach A New Level

As I write this, I have people working on getting this site up and running with a new look and format and I am reaching out to all of you for assistance.

We are completely going to redesign this blog and turn it into a professional organization where you can come in, check out our Slogan, find our mission statement, click and find who is in need, what are our needs, etc..

I have been so humbled over the past few months when I set this blog up to reach out to the unseen heroes, 911 operators and their families, but also to those amazing families who lost their sons, brothers, dads in the Yarnell fire.

I have said this over and over again. This organization is NOT about me, it is NOT about you but rather, it is about US and how we come together and reach out and comfort those hurting.

I am merely the cog in the wheel, all of you are the spokes that get that tire on the ground and rolling! Yes, I make quilts like you do, but I am so amazed at those of you who donate one, two or even three or more quilts in lightening fast time. How do you all do it?

Each one of you working to get these quilts out have made an amazing contribution to families you have never met, may never meet and may never receive a thank you from, but I can tell you, these families feel that love and they will never forget your generosity.

I have to say thank you not only to all of you who donated and sent quilts out quicker than I could keep up at first, but to those who donated money so quilters who couldn't afford the postage could send their quilts out. 

To the many who sent me quilt tops, batting and backs so I could finish them and get them sent out in what I affectionately call 'Collaboration Quilts,' and your names are always on the quilt label.

The donations for fabric, the 6.5" blocks for the survivors quilt, the cards of encouragement, the request to add your name to the next round of quilts needed and so much more!

Now, I need to raise $184 to get this up and running at a level I want to bring this organization to and I need everyone's help in doing so.

The cost is $12 each for a dot org and dot com site and I would like to have both so others can find the site either way they enter it.
The rest of the cost goes to a blog designer who has given me a great discount in her design costs and they break down to:
$30 for two vector images for the logo
$130 for the design and set up (that is at a huge discount)

I am asking anyone who feels they want to see us move up to the next level, anyone who believes in this cause and what we are doing, to please click on the PayPal logo on the right side of this blog  or  the Go Fund Me link here.

Once I get this completed and up and running, once we are no longer a blog site, but a dot com/dot org, I will be reaching out to all of you to let you know the goals I have for our future.

Yes, I said our future, because this site could not be what it has become without all of you. The people who helped me come up with the name, the quilt donators, the amazing people who have more technology savvy than I do that have said, 'let me help you do this or that, or have you tried this or that.'

Thank you everyone for making me cry on a daily basis. Because those tears and your generosity show me, this is the right thing to do!

Blessings to you all!

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