Saturday, October 5, 2013

Battle Against Stage 4 Cancer, Cards of Encouragement - Adopted by Anonymous

Jeri Dotson-Modschiedler, Allen County (OH), Needs Support
Dear 911 Cares,
We all hear the word Cancer and think that it's not going to be us. For us, our Department heard the word Cancer and it became one of us. Unfortunately for Cancer, it has chosen the wrong Dispatcher to make its way into. Our friend, co-worker and family member, Jeri Dotson-Modschiedler, a ten year veteran with the Allen County Sheriff's Office Communications Division and 38 yr old mother of five and step ~ mother of two, has been diagnosed with stage four Colon, Liver and Lung Cancer, just three weeks after giving birth to her 5th child, a happy healthy baby boy.
With stage four cancer, Jeri is in the fight for her life and fighting hard with an incredibly positive attitude. She is in the early process of receiving the aggressive forms of chemotherapy treatment's, which started mid September, only days after receiving the news of this ugly diagnosis.
We are dedicated to fighting the fight with Jeri, and any acts of kindness or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. As Jeri would say "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL"
Please send any cards and/or forms of support to:
The Allen County Sheriff's Office
C/O Dispatcher Jeri Modschiedler
333 N. Main St.
Lima, Ohio 45801 **Adopted by Anonymous**
Patients receiving Chemo report being very cold. If you would like to send a quilt to help this mother during treatment, please let me know!

I received a quilt from an anonymous donor who wanted it to go to Jeri. I have ready to go. 

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