Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank You All, We are Desperate for Adult Quilts!

Thank you to everyone who is stepping up to make these quilts from the co-worker who worked side by side with 2 of these amazing men, to the woman who came into contact with one of the wives as a waitress, to the lady in Phoenix who is stepping up because this hit so close to home!

I cannot say it enough, you are blessing these families, you are amazing and I am so grateful you cannot imagine!  Thank you isn't enough but it is all I have!

We are in need for quilts for the adults, we still have wifes, moms, dads and siblings that are in need.  Please know we are doing this for immediate family members first...spouses, children, parents, siblings and then grandparents, aunts, uncles if they had no other family.

Please continue to post this information to facebook and your blogs, twitter, etc.  I cannot do this alone, you cannot do this alone, but together we can do this!

Blessings to You All!

From head, to heart to hand, I quilt for those in need!


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From head to heart to hands, I quilt! I May Only Be One Person, But Together We Can Make A Difference. Bless you for stopping by!