Sunday, July 7, 2013

Giving, What Kind Of Giver Are You?

Maybe this post should read what type of saver are you?
Admit it, we all have our own style of saving and giving and if you don't believe me, just open up your quilting area and see how much you have saved!  

I give to a few favorite charities throughout the year that I feel very close to:
  1. Deborah Heart Institute out of Toms River, NJ for without them many years ago, I would not be here today!
  2. Shriner's Hospitals for without them, my oldest son would be crippled.
  3. St. Judes Children's Hospital, no other reason than it is for children and they do amazing work!
  4. Angel Tree Ministries for prisoners and their children because they make a difference in the lives of adults and children.
  5. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, not only of my time, but donation during the year besides popcorn and cookies!
  6. uncle,cousin,dad, hubby, best friend, nephew, etc. have all served and there are many more I may never know but they need our help!
Those are my biggies and then there is my quilt ministry or charity whatever you want to call it, but I feel it is a calling on my heart to give back to those who have lost all!

Recently, my counselor asked me why I do it. Do What is what, is what I wanted to know.  Give, you give and give and after all you have been through in your life and are going through now, why do you give?

Because it is what I am supposed to do.  I can't help everyone, I can't even help my own son who is homeless and doesn't want anyone's help, but I can give to those in need.

So, what kind of giver are you?

Are you a bag person?  You work and yet you spend so much on your own wants and needs that when it comes time to giving, your bag is empty as if it has holes in it?

Are you a bin person?  What quilter isn't a bin person up to a point? A bin person is someone who keeps saving everything in case of an emergency, in case there is a need and yet, there are needs all around and they can't open their eyes and see it, all they see is they may need whatever is in their bin someday so they kind of hoard it with closed eyes to what is going on around them.

Are you a basket person? A basket person is someone who says, I have this, let me use it to make someone else's life a bit better, let me bless them with my hands and my heart and you know what?  Their basket somehow is never empty. People just seem drawn to give these type of givers the things they need without them asking so they always have something to give!

Are you a barn person? These are the givers who when the call goes out for a need, they already have it. If you need quilts, they have 10 ready to go. If you need food, they have an extra chest freezer for those in need, if you need your wood chopped, they will not only come up and chop what you need, they will chop enough to keep you going for awhile. These are the ones during a crisis are always prepared.

Me?  I am between a basket and a barn person.  I give quilts and make quilts when there is a need but I never have extras though I keep trying to save them up.  I am the one during an emergency that has extra batteries, a generator, food and supplies.  Right now, I am looking for an excellent condition working treadle machine should the power go out, I will still have a means to work on quilts.

No matter what type of giver you are or I am, we all know we can do a bit better.  Bag people need to start putting their house in order and stop living for their needs and wants alone and save up!  Bin people need to realize they should use their stash or their skills and it will come back to them, if they do not what good will these things do when they are gone? Basket people realize it is better to give than to receive! Barn people need to know there are others that will step up and help keep that barn full!

May we all live with the notion there is always someone, somewhere in more need than ourselves and be willing to reach out to them!  I promise the reward will be so worth it!

From Head , To Heart, To Hands, I Quilt


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